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1680 2002x034
Original Airdate
4th July 2002 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode 023 is the 1680th episode of The Bill.


Frustrated PC Luke Ashton is desperate to prove himself but Sgt Craig Gilmore seems determined to hold him back. However, when Craig goes to investigate a homophobic assault he takes Luke to accompany him. But does Luke have the aptitude needed for such a sensitive issue? Later Inspector Gina Gold is furious to hear of their feeble progress so barges in with a more forceful approach - but are her actions too extreme?

PC Cass Rickman impresses Sgt June Ackland when she gets involved in a bitter father/daughter row. Cass is determined to protect the girl from Shane, her sinister boyfriend, but will the girl see sense and drop the matter before taking her father to court?

Meanwhile PC Tony Stamp and PC Gary Best catch Lee Dwyer robbing a newsagent but rather than make an arrest Tony decides to help him. Is Tony acting beyond the call of duty?

When PC Des Taviner receives a disturbing letter he takes the risk of visiting the sender and is shocked at the revelation.

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