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Episode No.   Series
1679 2002x033
Original Airdate
2nd July 2002 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Gerard McKenna
Directed By
Ian White
Episode Chronology:

Episode 022 is the 1679th episode of The Bill


PC Luke Ashton returns to Sun Hill after three years away. But his first day goes from bad to worse and it soon becomes clear Luke won't be getting any special favours, especially from Sgt Craig Gilmore.

The new Community Safety Unit opens under the control of Sgt June Ackland but will her bad start with Insp Gina Gold hamper the department's progress? And it's Trainee Detective Brandon Kane's first day, will he prove he is worthy of June's new division?

Following a tip off from PC Des Taviner, DC Mickey Webb pays a visit to a former colleague of Supt Tom Chandler. He is intrigued by what Ex DCI Peter Marsden has to say. Could Marsden be the link Mickey and DCI Jack Meadows need to bring down Chandler once and for all? And true to form, young PC Gary Best decides to rekindle a romance with an ex-girlfriend, but will her new job come between them? [Source:]

  • PC Gary Best - Ciaran Griffiths
  • PC Tony Stamp - Graham Cole
  • Sgt Craig Gilmore - Hywel Simons
  • PC Luke Ashton - Scott Neal
  • DC Mickey Webb - Chris Simmons
  • Sgt June Ackland - Trudie Goodwin
  • PC Jim Carver - Mark Wingett
  • TDC Brandon Kane - Pal Aron
  • Insp Gina Gold - Roberta Taylor
  • Supt Tom Chandler - Steven Hartley
  • DC Duncan Lennox - George Rossi
  • PC Des Taviner - Paul Usher
  • DC Ken Drummond - Russell Floyd
  • DI Alex Cullen - Ged Simmons
  • PC Cathy Bradford - Connie Hyde
  • DCI Jack Meadows - Simon Rouse
  • Sgt Matthew Boyden - Tony O'Callaghan


  • First appearance of T.D.C. Brandon Kane (Pal Aron).
  • P.C. Luke Ashton (Scott Neal), who was a series regular from 1997-1999, becomes the first character to make a permanent return to the show.
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