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Episode No.   Series
1678 2002x032
Original Airdate
27th June 2002 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Steve Attridge
Produced By
Ian White
Episode Chronology:

Episode 021 is the 1678th episode of The Bill. Two new officers arrive to make Sun Hill home. While DC Ken Drummond's shirt makes quite an impact so does Inspector Gold's attitude.


DC Ken Drummond turns up for his first day at Sun Hill. Fresh from Barton Street nick, he steps straight off a burger van, and into CID. With tensions rising between Debbie and Eva and DI Alex Cullen doing his utmost to contain it he'll wonder what kind of mad house he's lumbered with. Never mind, a fry up will sort all that out…

After the horror of attending a suicide PC's Nick Klein and Cass Rickman go on to discover a couple of children playing in contaminated waste. It's just the tip of a toxic iceberg but Cass's mind is elsewhere. She's beside herself over the loss of her handbag. There was an 'e' loose in there, likely to be nestled right beside her warrant card.

Inspector Gina Gold turns up for duty, (fag in hand) and takes no time to ruffle feathers. Not before stashing her bottle of whiskey and putting her ashtray in pride of place though. She makes it clear it's her show, she'll be running it, and anyone thinking differently had just better re-evaluate their position. Starting from the top down.

Sun Hill's lottery syndicate with Mystic Reg at the helm gets underway. Superintendent Chandler catches the lads unawares and offers to join up. They don't want him in their gang and someone has to be the bearer of such glad tidings. It doesn't take much arm-twisting getting DC Mickey Webb to pass the bad news on…and with such relish! But that's not the end of it and Mickey picks Des's brain for more dirt in Chandler's past. [1]

  • DI Alex Cullen - Ged Simmons
  • DC Ken Drummond - Russell Floyd
  • Supt Tom Chandler - Steven Hartley
  • DS Debbie McAllister - Natalie Roles
  • DC Eva Sharpe - Diane Parish
  • DC Mickey Webb - Chris Simmons
  • DCI Jack Meadows - Simon Rouse
  • DC Duncan Lennox - George Rossi
  • DC Danny Glaze - Karl Collins
  • PC Cass Rickman - Suzanne Maddock
  • PC Nick Klein - Rene Zagger
  • Sgt Craig Gilmore - Hywel Simons
  • PC Des Taviner - Paul Usher
  • PC Cathy Bradford - Connie Hyde
  • PC Tony Stamp - Graham Cole
  • PC Gary Best - Ciaran Griffiths
  • PC Reg Hollis - Jeff Stewart
  • Sgt June Ackland - Trudie Goodwin
  • Insp Gina Gold - Roberta Taylor
  • PC Jim Carver - Mark Wingett



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