Dwayne Fox was the boyfriend of Carly Samuels and father of her baby Brooke. He later discovered that Carly was planing to move away to Sheffield, taking Brooke with her. Dwayne teamed up with Tito Morientes who had a grudge against Carly's boyfriend Marlon for a knife attack. The pair fired on Carly and Marlon during a drive by. Marlon was unhurt but Carly was fatally wounded. Sergeant Dale Smith and his colleagues believed that Tito was guilty and it was a revenge attack on Marlon, and Carly was merely caught in the crossfire. DC Grace Dasari and Smithy however uncovered that Tito's weapon was an automatic and did not match the bullets that killed Carly. In the ensuing court case Dwayne confessed and got life for murder and Tito got life for conspiracy to murder.

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