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Year: 1995 1996 1997 1998

Episode Episode Title C.P. Note(s)

1995 [Incomplete]

1995x025 New Moves First Regular Appearance
1995x047 When Opportunity Knocks Undercover: Lonely Housewife
1995x057 O.T.S.
1995x062 Other Voices 2
1995x066 Better Off Dead 2
1995x082 Over The Top

1996 [Incomplete]

1996x078 Tarts' Cards 4
1996x080 Kick Me Hard 7
1996x081 All or Nothing 1
1996x083 A Quick Return 2
1996x137 Finishing School 2
1996x138 Death Of A Nobody 14
1996x139 Up The Wall 3
1996x142 Public Relations 7
1996x143 Lock 'em In 9
1996x154 Hers 10

1997 [Incomplete]

1997x001 The Old Pals' Act 11 Debbie gets injured during a raid.
1997x002 All's Fair 3
1997x005 Professional Opinion 6
1997x011 Over The Fence 4
1997x016 Downfall Uncredited (Voice Only, Radio)
1997x022 Just Looking 10
1997x023 A Tangled Web
1997x024 Rolling In It 3 Front Desk Officer (F.D.O.)
1997x025 Added Bonus 6
1997x028 Age Gaps 8
1997x029 In The Dark 9
1997x030 Crying Wolf 7
1997x032 All For Love
1997x034 Copier
1997x042 Strange Meeting 2
1997x046 Flesh and Blood 8
1997x047 Park Life 1 Debbie wears trousers in this episode
1997x054 It's Good To Talk 11
1997x056 Old Fools 6
1997x058 Warnings 6
1997x060 Black and Blue 1
1997x063 Get You Back 1
1997x071 For Richer, For Poorer
1997x075 Rent
1997x079 Mid-Life Crisis
1997x084 Rift
1997x093 Neighbours 4
1997x095 This Old Man 2
1997x098 A Man Out Walking His Dog 2
1997x103 This Land Is Ours 4
1997x104 Not In The Script
1997x107 A Breach of Trust, Part Two 11
1997x112 Performance Anxiety 7
1997x113 Different Strokes
1997x118 Free To Speak? 2 Goes out to dinner with Nick Slater.
1997x127 Shades of Grey, Part One 12
1997x130 Solid Evidence 2
1997x141 The Same Stripe, Part One
1997x142 The Same Stripe, Part Two
1997x151 Twanky

1998 [Incomplete]

1998x061 The Stork 1
1998x064 Out of Hand 2
1998x071 Loving Memory 2
1998x075 Bang! 2
1998x091 Bang Bang, You're Dead 20
1998x094 Taking Sides 12 Last Regular Appearance