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Debbie Keane

Sergeant Debbie Keane

Nickname(s): Debs
IC: Gender
1Female   Female
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: Stafford Row
Curr. Rank: Sergeant
Curr. Call Sign: 561
Epaulette No.Occ. Status
●  Service Record  ●
Portrayed by:Andrea Mason
 ● First Appearance: New Moves
 ● Last Appearance: Taking Sides
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Debbie Keane, in her late twenties, joined Sun Hill from Hendon along with classmate Nick Slater but soon emerged as the more promising of the two. She had tried a number of different jobs, including Leisure Centre Assistant and Outward Bound Instructor, but until becoming a police officer, nothing had really satisfied her. Debbie was attractive, fit, vivacious and not a complainer. She met any challenge with vigour and enthusiasm. Not afraid to assert herself physically, she could also hold her own in a scrap. Debbie's cheery manner could be infectious and she was definitely somebody you'd want on your side. Her attitude marked her out as a natural leader, but needing to be tempered by experience. Confident and ambitious, Debbie was encouraged by her senior officers to try for her sergeant's exams - she'd certainly found her niche in the Met. She left the station in 1998 after transferring to Stafford Row to become the new Sergeant!

Actress Andrea Mason shared her memories of playing Debbie in a 2019 interview for The Bill Podcast

Service RecordEdit

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  • 1995 - First Posting: Sun Hill as a probationer
  • 1995 - Undercover: Lonely Housewife
  • 1998 - Last seen in The Bears Head Public House
  • 1998 - Promoted to Sergeant: Stafford Row

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