Danny Pearce
Biographical information
Full Name:

Daniel Pearce


Male   Male

Eye Colour:


Occupational information


Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Detective Sergeant

Other information

Portrayed by:

Martin Marquez

First Appearance:

1993x060 - Pride and Joy

Last Appearance:

1995x107 - For Services Rendered

Guest Appearances:
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Danny Pearce is a character from The Bill.

Essex man DS Danny Pearce looked ready for the Costa Del Crime. Blame the flash suits, gold watch and dark Mediterranean looks. Pearce looked like a villain and he could think like one, too - which made him very useful in Sun Hill CID. It may be why DI Johnson took a shine to him. He tried to make it plain that he had no problem working for a woman. He had no problem with any of the police practices, come to that. A cop for 1990s, that was him. Or rather, that's what he had chosen as his image. Scratch the surface, and there was a regular, ambitious, capable cop, one who was not averse to landing a colleague in trouble if that way he himself escaped. That's what he did to Loxton, when his snout's information led Johnson to head a drugs bust in completely the wrong place. He could be snide about his colleagues, too - and it's a fair bet that he had skeletons in his cupboard at the nick in Romford where he worked previously. When Jarvis and McCann were having trouble making an arrest stick, he told them about his former sergeant whom he watched blatantly twisting the facts to secure a similar arrest. Pearce may have inherited Roach's desk, but he was a newer, slicker model. He transferred to AMIP, briefly returning to help Meadows investigate a murder in 1996.  

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