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D.C. Danny Glaze
D.C. Danny Glaze

Danny Glaze
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Male   Male

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Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Detective Constable

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Karl Collins

First Appearance:

1999x030 - Makeover

Last Appearance:

2003x080 - Episode 155

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D.C. Danny Glaze is a character from The Bill.

Danny Glaze was a Londoner with twelve years service in the Met. He was smart, sassy and instinctively streetwise - this coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for the job made him not only a good copper, but also a popular one. He was a bit of a wise cracker and genuinely interested in everyone (both victims and villains) and used humour and charm to suss them out.

D.C. Glaze (afro)

The move to Sun Hill was his second CID posting; he applied for the transfer with the aim of broadening his experience. He’d previously met DC Liz Rawton on a course and felt that he would be comfortable working with the Sun Hill CID.

To be a DC Danny worked hard, kept his head down and made a determined effort to fit into a very white, male environment. He didn't suffer fools and had a directness that could sometimes be alarming and ruthless if he was wound up. It took a lot to make him lose it, but when he did, it was best to run for cover!

In the end it was Danny who ran for cover. When ex-DI Sally Johnson began to investigate claims of a fit up in the Simpson murder case Danny wrestled with his conscience to come clean. He pocketed £20,000 overlooked in a robbery case and left the country.

Service Record[edit | edit source]

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Major Storylines[edit | edit source]

1999- Joins Sun Hill

2000- Don Beech Scandal

2000- Undercover at Carnival

2001- Undercover in prison 2002- Vik Singh Resignation, and Jeff Simpson frame up (Sun Hill Fire 2002)

2003- Acting Detective Sergeant (CSU)

2003- Resigns during fire fallout

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