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P.C. Kerry Young: I made such a mess of things! How could have I have been so stupid?!
Sgt Dale Smith: (Hugs Kerry) I'll help you fight these charges. We'll sort them out together.
P.C. Kerry Young: I don't want to fight it, I don't want to go back! I'll never be accepted again!
Sgt Dale Smith: But you can't just give up!
P.C. Kerry Young: (Pulls out of Smithy's hug) I'm not giving up; I'm moving on! Sometimes you think you know what's important, then you get a phone call and you realise you haven't got a clue!
Sgt Dale Smith: I know what's important. Well, to me anyway... you are. I love you.

Smithy tells Kerry he loves her

Smithy tells Kerry he loves her

P.C. Kerry Young: I made a promise to myself if he lived. There are things I know; things that are going to mean big changes for a lot of people here. I'm going to go see Inspector Gold.
Sgt Dale Smith: The information on Gabriel...
P.C. Kerry Young: It's not that it's more than that, much more.
Sgt Dale Smith: I don't care! I don't care about anything else except...
P.C. Kerry Young: Nor do I. Smithy... I love you.
Sgt Dale Smith: You do?
P.C. Kerry Young: Yeah.
(As Smithy moves into kiss her...BANG!!! Kerry is shot once in the back and collapses into Smithy's arms.)

Sgt Dale Smith: Let me tell you something; whoever did kill Kerry, I'm going to get him and that is a promise!

Insp Gina Gold: Oi, you do know that I would never deliberately place any officer in danger don't you? Whoever they are. Smithy look, I need you to understand...
Sgt Dale Smith: Kerry always knew that you didn't like her.
Insp Gina Gold: And I would never let my personal feelings cloud my judgement.
Sgt Dale Smith: If I could've put myself in front of that bullet...
Insp Gina Gold: Yeah I know, cos that's the kind of man you are. And that's why I'm not accepting your warrant card so you can come and pick it up later on. Now come on, why don't you go home and get some rest?
Sgt Dale Smith: No, I need to be here. (Smithy begins to cry.) I r... I really loved her Gina! (Smithy breaks down into tears and Gina hugs him.)

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