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CID Sierra 1-1

An unmarked Mondeo used by C.I.D. in 2010


CID circa 2008.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is a branch of the Metropolitan Police (MPS) to which plain clothes detectives belong. The CID at Sun Hill Police Station was last known to be lead by Detective Inspector Neil Manson; prior to this, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Meadows was in charge of Sun Hill's CID. Lauren Morgan

CID work[]

CID detectives investigate a very broad spectrum of crimes – nearly every case that comes into the station. Over the years, the stereotypical recognition (by the general public) of the duties performed by “uniform” is that they are responsible for patrols, etc. as well as “catching” criminals, while investigative tasks are left to CID. While not entirely politically correct, this statement is generally accurate; CID are left with the bulk of investigative work to do on cases while uniform tend to do the “ground” work.

The crimes they investigate include the following:

  • Murders
  • Thefts, burglaries, robberies (whether armed or not)
  • Rapes / sexually motivated crimes
  • Assaults / attacks
  • Arsons
  • Kidnappings and abductions
  • Trafficking in narcotics, weapons, etc.
  • Money laundering and other financially related crimes
  • Organised crime

Rank Structure[]

A typical CID is headed by a Detective Chief Inspector - in The Bill, the last DCI for Sun Hill was Jack Meadows up until his promotion to Superintendent. The DCI is in overall command of the entire Criminal Investigation Department and reports directly to the Superintendent. A CID may have more than one Detective Inspector (DI), who reports to the DCI, DI Neil Manson was Sun Hill last seen DI. Commonplace CID officers are Detective Constables (DCs), they are led by Detective Sergeants (DSs), of which there are usually two or three who report to the DI.

The CID of many smaller, rural stations may be headed by a DI or just a DS, and may consist of only five to eight DCs. Larger inner-London stations may be headed by a Detective Superintendent. However, neither of these scenarios are apply to The Bill.

Corruption in Sun Hill's CID[]

The most legendary case of police corruption ever seen by Sun Hill's CID is the Don Beech Scandal, which resulted in the resignation of Charles Brownlow and four other detectives leaving Sun Hill. As well as the scandal which involved DS Don Beech, there was also the story of corrupt officer DC Zain Nadir, who was, initially, an outstanding investigator with an extensive repertoire for undercover operations, but was eventually lured into the drugs trade.

CID office location[]

The location of the GENERAL* office is above the Front DeskThe location of the Managemant office is across the corridor.

  • By GENERAL It means the normal office where all main CID Characters from T/DC to DI.

At the left side is the CID breifing room and in the top right-hand corner is DI Neil Mansons office opposite the Superintendents office.