Crime Car

T905 PDA
T905 PDA

Vehicle Type:

Crime Car


Metropolitan Police

Call Sign(s):

Sierra Oscar 1-1


Cutting down on crime

Currently In Use:



The crime car was used to cut down on street robberies in Sun Hill.It was used in the 2000 episode 'Wheels'.

Short-Lived Appearance

The car was used in only one episode , Wheels, it was removed because it crashed and was recovered in front of of the then Borough Commander, Guy Mannion, and he told Charles Brownlow not to use it again.

Vehicle Details

The Volvo used for the crime car is a real:

Volvo S40
Crime Car
T905 PDA
Manufacturer Series / Model Colour
Volvo S40 Silver
Drive Side No. of Doors No. of Seats
Right 4 {{{No. of Seats}}}
Body Style Engine Size Fuel Type
. . Petrol
Gearbox/Transmission Type
{{{Gearbox/Transmission Type}}}
0-60mph Top Speed
{{{0-60mph}}} {{{Top Speed}}}
Engine Power Engine Torque
{{{Engine Power}}} {{{Engine Torque}}}
Sun Hill Police Specifics:
Year(s) In Use

The vehicle details for T905 PDA are:

Date of Liability - 01 10 2009

Date of First Registration - 07 05 1999

Year of Manufacture - 1999

Cylinder Capacity (cc) - 1948CC

CO2 Emissions - Not Available

Fuel Type - Petrol

Export Marker - Not Applicable

Vehicle Status - Licence Not Due

Vehicle Colour - SILVER

Vehicle Type Approval - null

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