Colin fairfax
P.C.S.O. Colin Fairfax

Colin Fairfax
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Male   Male

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Police Staff

Job Title:

Police Community Support Officer


Metropolitan Police



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Current Status:

Arrested and imprisoned for the murders of DC Ken Drummond, PC Andrea Dunbar and SRO Marilyn Chambers

Other information

Portrayed by:

Tim Steed

First Appearance:

episode 278

Last Appearance:

Episode 291

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Service RecordEdit

Police Community Support Officer Colin Fairfax arrived at Sun Hill along with another PCSO, Laura Bryant. Throughout his short time at Sun Hill, he showed to be a bigot and frequently had run ins with PC Leela Kapoor. His time at Sun Hill came to an end when after he spat in PC Kapoor's face whilst in the canteen and subsequently left the station. DC Ken Drummond was tasked with bringing him back into the station and found him drinking in a local pub. DC Drummond tried his best to persuade Colin to return but when he refused, DC Drummond went to arrest him. Colin retaliated by knocking DC Drummond unconscious and handcuffing him in a petrol-doused van and drove towards Sun Hill police station. Colin dived out of the van before it careered into the front of the police station; with Sgt. Smith and SRO Marilyn Chambers working inside. The following explosion and fire killed three officers and a few days later; Colin was charged with murder of DC Ken Drummond, PC Andrea Dunbar and SRO Marilyn Chambers.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

Colin Fairfax (born 23rd March 1979) -

Major StorylinesEdit

  • The Sun Hill Fire 2005
  • being racist toward Asians
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