Insp. Christine Frazer

Christine Frazer
Biographical information
Full Name:

Christine Frazer




Female   Female

Hair Colour:


Occupational information


Police Officer


Metropolitan Police



Call Sign:

Sierra Oscar 1

Other information

Portrayed by:

Thorn, Barbara

First Appearance:

1988x001 - Light Duties

Last Appearance:

1990x004 - I Thought You'd Gone

List of Appearances

A staunch feminist, Christine Frazer turned up for her first day at Sun Hill in plain clothes and immediately found herself chatted up by Ted Roach in the pub. When Roach discovered who she was, they embarked on a torrid affair that became the talk of the station. She said that she was attracted to his wild, sexy ways, which basically meant that she fancied a bit of rough.

Frazer was an efficient and conscientious Inspector, but was always aware that, as a female - and blonde - senior officer, she would always have something to prove. She could be principled, but was also aware of the need to bend the rules occasionally to get things done. Initially suspicious of Burnside - she regarded him as probably 'sadistic' - but she actually warmed to him after a while as he saw that his unorthodox methods were very effective in catching villains.

Derek Conway, a constant thorn in Frazer's side, led her to present Brownlow with a 'him or me' ultimatum. When Brownlow sided with Conway, Frazer decided to leave Sun Hill and write a thesis on discrimination in the Force.

In 2017, Barbara Thorn shared her memories of her playing Frazer in a two-part special edition of The Bill Podcast.

Preceded by:
Inspector Brian Kite
Sun Hill Inspector
Succeeded by:
Inspector Andrew Monroe

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