Metropolitan Police Service is divided into 33 areas, or 'boroughs'.

Each division has a Chief Superintendent, called the Borough Commander. The Borough Commander is in charge of all the policing in that area.

Also Chief Superintendent may oversee an OCU or Operational Command Unit, for example Aviation Security or the Diplomatic Protection Group

Sun Hill's most notable Chief Superintendent was Charles Brownlow. Adam Okaro was promoted to Chief Superintendent and Borough Commander over to Barton Street. Other Borough Commanders have included:

  • ch supt guy mannion (tinderbox)
  • ch supt jane fitzwilliam (epiosde 081)
  • ch supt louise campbell ( episode 175)
  • ch supt ian barratt ( episode 329)
  • ch supt adam okaro (episode 421)
  • ch supt geaffory whittaker ( unknown)
  • area cmdr lisa kennedy ( red tape)

well known chief superintendents have been

  • ch supt charles brownlow ( funny o'l business- cops & robbers
  • ch supt adam okaro (episode 060
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