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This category is for all characters who have Sergeant's exams and qualify to be a uniformed Sergeant or a Detective Sergeant. As of the last episode broadcast on 31st August 2010, there were four Sergeants on Sun Hill's A Relief and two Detective Sergeants.

Name Portrayed by Last Scene

Sergeant Callum Stone: SO 30

Sam Callis Walking away from front of station, outside canteen Respect: Part 2

Sergeant Joanne 'Jo' Masters: SO 46

Sally Rogers Walking behind Sierra Oscar 2 in the yard Respect: Part 2
60SO Unknown Name (Tall, thin and grey haired. Usually behind the custody desk) Chris Green Escorting journalists out of reception after Jack leaves Respect: Part 2
Sergeant Unknown Name, Unknown Call Sign (Short, bald and on the larger side) Unknown Usually in IBO or walking about station, unknown final scene
Detective Sergeant Max Carter Christopher Fox Next to the doors leading out to the yard being turned down by Smithy and Callum Stone for a drink

Detective Sergeant Stevie Moss

Speed, Lucy

Being handed a witness statement by DC Mickey Webb in the briefing room

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