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Call Signs are used for radio communication.


Main Set

  • MP - Metropolitan Police Information Room
  • M2MP - Full Call Sign for Main Set Channel for Information Room
  • All Units -
  • AB - Royalty Protection Officers


Police Stations

  • Sierra Bravo - Barton Street
  • Sierra Charlie - Stafford Row
  • Sierra Oscar - Sun Hill (1987-present) (This call sign set is used for ALL main characters in the show)
    • Uniform Oscar - Sun Hill (1983-Present) (This call sign is used since 1987 as a call sign for minor police officers in the show)
  • Unknown - Spicer Street
  • Lima Delta/Mike Apha - Parkrise Station
  • Unknown - Claehill Station

Police Vehicles

Sun Hill Police Vehicles

Other Police Vehicles


Police Personnel

Sun Hill Personnel

Senior Officers

Police Constables

Special Constabulary
  • SC SO 220 1988-???? - Mary Kilnair FRA: Stop and Search 1988
  • SC SO 178 1988-???? - Brian 'Ronnie' Defoe FRA: Stop and Search 1988
  • SC SO 1859 - 2001-2002 - S.C. Terry Knowles
Police Community Support


Other Police Units

  • Uniform 32 - Tactical Support Group (T.S.G.)
  • Spartan 2 - PT17 Group
  • CO9115 or CO9117 -Sgt.Straw (PT17 Sergeant)
  • AB 62 Designated Detention Officer @ Belgravia Police Station - Name TBC


Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D.)

Note: C.I.D. normally use their names for radio communication. Example: "Sierra Oscar from DS Boulton"

CID Officers
Call Signs used if in uniform.
C.I.D. - Vehicles
C.I.D. - Operations

Call Signs used in a Riot

(Episode 564)

Call Signs used if a Raid



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