DC Mickey Webb is close to infiltrating the Britannia gang, despite the suspicions of some of its members: suspicions which fire up when DS McAllister, posing as his girlfriend, turns up to a gang meeting overdressed and wearing Givenchy perfume. Julian Napper smells a rat and follows McAllister as she desperately tries to find a hospital to keep her cover as a nurse intact. Napper catches up with her and accuses her of being an undercover reporter. With her cover blown, McAllister returns to Sun Hill. Supt Chandler blasts her for her stupidity, and forces her to take notes as they hear Webb taking a severe beating from Napper's thugs over his mobile phone. As DCI Meadows races to save Webb, Napper stops the beating and welcomes "Mickey Malone" as a full-fledged member of Britannia.

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