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D.C. Brandon Kane

Brandon Kane
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Male   Male


38 years old

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Metropolitan Police


Detective Constable

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Pal Aron

First Appearance:

2002x033 - Episode 022

Last Appearance:

2004x004 - Episode 184

List of Appearances

Divorced and subsequently widowed, 30-year-old Brandon Kane came from a small Asian Leicester family. He wasn't a practising Hindu and although his parents were, they were fairly liberal about his decision to leave his faith at home. Only his vegetarianism gave away any sign of a religious background. Brandon grew up in a happy atmosphere with his older sister Mira whom he adored, eventually following in her footsteps by training to be an accountant where he met his ex-wife, Tanya, with whom he had 2 children. When their marriage began to crumble, he took time to consider his options in life. After the divorce he decided to give up his job to go into the police service. It wasn't exactly a 'calling' for Brandon - it just seemed a natural step to take. Somewhat to his surprise he was good at the profession, and began to enjoy the lifestyle it brought him.

Brandon spent 3 years as a PC at another station, and had been noticed early on by the CID officers where he was based as a bright, meticulous officer, with the potential to be a very good detective. This coupled with a twinkle in the eye and a sense of humour as dry as the Sahara desert, made him a very popular. Brandon hated to be idle - he always wanted to be up and off doing something; and when he was forced to remain in one place he seemed restless. When he made mistakes in the station and out on a case they tended to stem from his impulsive nature that occasionally made him speak before thinking and act before determining the consequences. After a spell in Sun Hill's Community Safety Unit as a TDC, Brandon transferred to CID as a fully-fledged DC following his completion of the trainee investigator course.

Brandon's final days at Sun Hill were spent in turmoil. After being taken hostage by PC Cathy Bradford he realised the people he wanted to protect most were his children. True to his genuine good nature Brandon left the Force to be with them. [1]


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