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Followtheyellowbrickroad Followtheyellowbrickroad 28 June 2018

Use of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

The Bill has made use of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to read out car registrations. Here's what I've heard:

  • A/Alpha
  • B/Bravo
  • C/Charlie  
  • D/Delta
  • E/Echo
  • F/Foxtrot  
  • G/Golf  
  • H/Hotel  
  • J/Juliet  
  • K/Kilo
  • L/Lima
  • M/Mike
  • N/November  
  • O/Oscar
  • P/Papa
  • R/Romeo
  • T/Tango
  • U/Uniform  
  • V/Victor (first one I heard on the show)
  • W/Whisky
  • X/X-ray
  • Y/Yankee
  • Z/Zulu

Has anyone heard someone use S/Sierra for the given purpose?

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Niamhdugan Niamhdugan 1 June 2017

Neil Manson

i see neil manson today on my tv i sign the song my love my own song in my room

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Edmonddantes0 Edmonddantes0 7 January 2015

Don Beech

Hi,being a former copper my wife used to get annoyed at me when I criticised the Bill for many different reasons while we watched it together. However, I really like the Don Beech saga and his character. I have found bits of the Saga on YouTube and Daily Motion, but, I can't find the full Saga. So, does anyone know where I can find (in the UK) the full episodes of The Don Beech Scandal,(without having to buy the full DVD set of series 16), Beech on the Run, Beech is Back on DVDs? In addition, does anyone know any "normal " episodes where Don Beech is the main character? Thanks, Vaughan

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