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Beech Is Back is a six-part mini-series spin-off from The Bill revolving around the corrupt Don Beech played by Billy Murray.

In the previous one-off special Beech On The Run (TB), Don Beech had apparently died in an explosion in Australia. Perceived dead he returned to England to attempt to organise a six-million-pound diamond robbery. His attempt failed however and he received life imprisonment for murder and all the various crimes he had committed whilst a police officer and on the run in Australia. [1]

Episode List[]

1 - BIBx001 - Beech Is Back: Episode 1 - 21-Aug-2001
2 - BIBx002 - Beech Is Back: Episode 2 - 24-Aug-2001
3 - BIBx003 - Beech Is Back: Episode 3 - 28-Aug-2001
4 - BIBx004 - Beech Is Back: Episode 4 - 31-Aug-2001
5 - BIBx005 - Beech Is Back: Episode 5 - 04-Sep-2001
6 - BIBx006 - Beech Is Back: Episode 6 - 07-Sep-2001