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Barton Street Police Station

Barton Street is a neighbouring station to Sun Hill. It is the borough headquarters. The borough code for Barton Street is SB. Barton Street was seen in The Bill: Episode 147 part 2 as Laura Meadows, DCI Meadows' Ex-Wife, had been raped. DC Terry Perkins featured in this as himself, but as an officer at Barton Street (This episode was before DC Perkins moved to Sun Hill).

PC Roger Valentine had a friend who worked as a sergeant at Barton street called Harry. PC Leena Kapoor was working alongside Roger and Leena knew that the Harry was corrupt. Roger gains the evidence that Harry is corrupt by Harry trusting him not to tell anyone else about his involvement in the illegal immigration however Roger went to Inspector Gold and told her alongside with PC Kapoor and arrested him on corruption charges. Harry is last seen with a DC and a DS from the DPS.

Superintendent Guy Mannion 1999-2000 then became Borough Commander for Canley

Barton Street is seen as a ‘rival’ of Sun Hill.

In a few episodes seen with DAC Georgia Hobbs, Sun Hill or Barton Street were closed, it was never actually determined which station was to close.

People who have worked at the station[]

Officers from Barton Street:

(????-2003) - Yvonne Hemmingway

(????-2003) - Terry Perkins

(????-2004) - Leela Kapoor

(????-2005) - Sergeant Harry Haynes (appears in Episode 363)

(????-2006) - Nikki Wright (Barton Street officer in Episode 457)

(????-2000) DC Debbie McAllister (promoted on transfer to sun hill)

( ????-2007?) - Sergeant Doug Wright (appears in Episode 470, Episode 471, Hunter on the Street, Match Day Violence, Cop Killer Part 1 and 2 possibly resigned following stabbing)

(????-2000) DS Vik Singh

(1998-2000) DC Paul Riley

Information about the station[]

Callsign of Barton Street - Sierra Bravo.