P.C. Barry Stringer
P.C. Barry Stringer

Barry Stringer
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Male   Male

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Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Police Constable

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Portrayed by:

Jonathan Dow

First Appearance:

1990x042 - Rites

Last Appearance:

1993x070 - Mouth and Trousers

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PC Barry Stringer is a character from The Bill

PC Barry Stringer was a Midlands born copper who brought a different accent to Sun Hill and a different approach from some of his mates - liberal-minded, non-racist, non-sexist, he treated everyone from the same neutral distance. He was involved in one of Sun Hill's most incident-filled days. A kid on drugs stabbed Sergeant Alec Peters as Stringer was driving back to Sun Hill to get a faulty radio fixed. The boy ran into Barry's car, was injured but ran on. Barry - knowing nothing of the stabbing - jumped out to help the injured youth, but the boy kept going and finally ran into a disused power station. More than 150 feet above the ground, the two men struggled, with a snarling guard dog below them. Barry fell off a ledge but managed to save himself by grabbing some netting. Trying to dislodge him, the drug addict fell to his own death.

Barry became a popular figure around Sun Hill but as the new Federation rep (he beat Hollis by 58 votes to two) he grew disillusioned with life on the beat and the undermanning of PCs. When he contested the latest ban on overtime, it was suggested that he apply for promotion.

In the episode Discretion he mentioned he has a brother.

In 2018, actor Jonathan Dow recorded an interview for The Bill Podcast

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Sun Hill PC
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