The Amy Tennant Case was a year long storyline in The Bill showcasing the disappearance of a seven year old girl; Amy Tennant, and the life determined father James. The main character of the story was DI Neil Manson, who shared a fatherly bond with James.

2006-Early 2007[edit | edit source]

In early 2006, James Tennant's wife Ruth Barker reported 7 year old Amy Tennant missing. Suspicion first fell on a local paedophile, portrayed by Andrew Sachs, then on the son of Ruth; Todd. When both were cleared suspicion fell on James, when he threw FLO DC Suzie Sim out, but Manson tried to make him come clean about his alibi. Neil had to wind down the investigation but felt the pain of missing a child when his son, Jake, ran away from school. However, he turned up. James was later arrested for drink driving and assault after a breakdown, however, Neil cleaned him up, and he helped in an abduction involving a father whose son died.

Located[edit | edit source]

Newly promoted DI Sam Nixon helped James with a gathering to remember Amy a year after her disappearance, but several leads were discovered and hard graft on Emma and Lewis' part saw a major lead that took Sam and Neil to Brighton. James' ex's best friend Shelley Fitzgerald abducted Amy because she lost her own daughter to cot death. At first, Amy was nervous but she opened up and returned to an emotional James, and Sam and Neil celebrated their first succesful joint operation as paired DIs.

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