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Alan Woods
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Gender:Male   Male

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Police Officer


Metropolitan Police


Detective Constable

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Portrayed by:

Tom Cotcher

First Appearance:

Hands Up (14/07/92)

Last Appearance:

For their own Good (01/08/96)

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Few people ruffled DC Alan Woods. The detective from Glasgow had seen most things in over twenty years in the force, and nothing put him off his stroke. Or nothing did, until DI Johnson arrived and got right up his nose. To him she spelled trouble: a cop who would stop at nothing to get her own way. Jo Morgan wasn't his favourite DS, either. The dogged determination she displayed was not his style, and when she said she would cover for him once, and didn't, he told her exactly how he felt: insulted.

Unlike them, Woods had nothing to prove. He had an unblemished reputation for honesty and stability. He was married for the second time, to an English woman, although he kept his family, like his feelings on most things, close to his chest. More comfortable in a male working environment, he was quietly pleased when Chris Deakin took over as CID's boss. Alan was quite content at Sun Hill, zooming around in the Astra, bashing down doors and frog-marching suspects to the cells. He provided an island of calm in the stormy seas of CID before his transfer in 1996.

In 2018, actor Tom Cotcher recorded a 2-part interview for The Bill Podcast

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