Adam Okaro

Borough Commander Adam Okaro

Birth Name: Adam
Full Name: Adam Okaro
IC: Gender
3Male   Male
Marital Status: boyfriend
Portrayed by:Cyril Nri
 ● First Appearance: 2002x071 - Episode 060
 ● Last Appearance: 2006x065 -
Episode 442
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Adam Okaro, in his late forties was a strong but caring leader who wasn't scared to take full responsibility for his actions. Adam's commitment to the job got respect of the officers of Sun Hill in a short time. He arrived at Sun Hill not long after his predecessor Tom Chandler commited suicide.

Adam joined the police after graduating with a first class honours in political history. His career choice was applauded by his family but greeted with less enthusiasm by his friends. He quickly moved up the ranks in uniform and CID. He became Chief Inspector in the West End and after a brief spell as Superintendent in Croydon, moved to Sun Hill to take over from now deceased Tom Chandler.

Long before his arrival at Sun Hill, Adam Okaro had a relationship with Gina Gold in the 1980's, but it ended when Gina found out that she couldn't have children, although she never told Adam this and he always wondered why she had ended it. He later found out and said that children didn't matter although Gina disagreed.

He is married and has two children, however tragedy struck when a car crash involving his wife ended in him losing all his family on the same day.

His long friendship with Gina Gold helped him through the bad and darker times at Sun Hill.

After nearly 4 years at Sun Hill as Superintendent, he was promoted to Borough Commander. He makes occasional appearances but currently is on sabbatical.

Service RecordEdit

2002: Transferred to Sun Hill, from Croydon

2003: Seconded to Intelligence Unit for publically announcing that drugs should be decriminalized

2004: Arrested for possession of cannabis

2005: Family Killed in Car Crash

2006 - Promotion / Transfer: Promoted to Borough Commander, Transferred to New Scotland Yard

Family and RelationshipsEdit


  • Wife: Denise Okaro (deceased)
  • Girlfriend: Gina Gold (1980's)

Family: Edit

  • Daughter: Leia Okaro (deceased)
  • Son: Malcolm Okaro (deceased)

Preceded by:
Superintendent Tom Chandler
Succeeded by:
Superintendent John Heaton

Preceded by:
Chief Superintendent Ian Barratt
Chief Superintendent
Succeeded by:
Commander Lisa Kennedy

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