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Adam Okaro
Borough Commander Adam Okaro

Borough Commander Adam Okaro

Birth Name: Adam
Full Name: Adam Okaro
IC: GenderAge
3Male   Male62
Date of Birth: August 10th 1958
Marital Status: Widowed
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police
Curr. Posting: New Scotland Yard
Curr. Rank: Superintendent (2002-2006)

Chief Superintendent (2006-present)

Curr. Title: Chief Superintendent
●  Service Record  ●
Current Status
Active (transferred)
Portrayed by:Cyril Nri
 ● First Appearance: 2002x071 - Episode 060
 ● Last Appearance: 2006x065 -
Episode 442
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Adam Okaro joined the Metropolitan Police after he graduated with a first class honors in political history and his choice of a career was applauded by his family, however greeted with less enthusiasm by his friends; he quickly moved up the ranks from PC to Chief Inspector in the West End and after a brief spell as Superintendent in Croydon, he arrived at Sun Hill after being promoted to the rank after his predecessor Tom Chandler committed suicide; he was a strong but caring leader who wasn't scared to take full responsibility for his actions; Adam's commitment to the job got respect of the officers in a short period of time, more importantly his right hand man and close friend DCI Jack Meadows.

Long before his arrival at Sun Hill, Adam Okaro had a relationship with Gina Gold in the 1980's, but it ended when Gina found out that she couldn't have children, although she never told Adam this and he always wondered why she had ended it; however in 2005, he later found out and said that children didn't matter although Gina disagreed and said she always wanted them.

Adam had a wife and two children, however tragedy struck when a severe car crash involving them ended in him losing all his family on the same day which devastated him to the core; however his long friendships with Gina Gold and Jack Meadows helped him through the bad and darker times... the future looked bright for Adam when he was informed that his leadership qualities were what the Met were after in a leader; when Ian Barrett transferred as the Borough Commander, knowing that in the past, he hadn't always got on with B/Commanders, but Adam knew that he would have to work with the next successor; newly promoted Deputy Assistant Commissioner Georgia Hobbs informed Adam on one of her visits to Sunhill that one of the people who was considered for the job of Borough Commander had withdrawn their application, Adam was surprised when the DAC recommended to putting his name forward for the job.

After being held responsible for not allowing paramedics inside a building where an armed suspect on the loose, to treat an 18 year old black drug dealing gang member named Jordan Tomlin, the suspect shot Jordan which resulted in him bleeding to death; his mother Annette blamed Adam Okaro for the death of her son including the shooting of a 12 year old boy named Dylan Manning; when PC Lewis Hardy arrested the person who shot him being only a teenager himself, Adam thought that Annette would think that the police were doing a good job, but still enraged by her sons death, Annette told the Superintendent that it seemed to her, the Met worked fast when it was a white kid instead of a black one, a comment which Adam quickly disagreed with and told her that all life is precious to everyone, however Annette thought that he was making a soundbite for the next front page of the newspapers; he told her that he made mistakes and is still making them even in his job; however when he told her "You think your blameless in all of this do you, you could see him going off the rails, what did you do?" he then knew that he went too far when he noticed Annette backing up from him and wide eyed with disappointment.

With Adams comments inside the following days newspaper with the headline "Its Your Fault" many, including the senior officers at New Scotland Yard thought he was still the best person for the job; when DAC Hobbs spoke to Adam at Sunhill, she told him that he was the successful unannounced candidate for Borough Commander and all it needed was the rubber stamp, but explained that if they announced his appointment after what he said to Annette, it would look like not only does the Met accept what he said, but support it too; the DAC then gave him an ultimatum to either apologize to Annette for causing her serious distress or say goodbye to the Borough Commanders job which made him understand that he shouldn't have lost his temper, but wasn't going to let the local press misinterpret what he said in print, but after thinking it over, he approached Annette whilst he walked and talked with her on the way to Jordan's memorial; she said she read about Adams family dying in car crash which was in the newspapers; he spoke about losing them in one single day and how he missed them everyday, the same as she did with her son; however when he told her that he went to the house of the woman who had caused the accident to explain what happened, Adam told her that the woman fell asleep behind the wheel and then admitted that it didn't make him feel better when he knew what happened, but made him feel powerless... when they both got to Jordan's memorial; Annette told him that she didn't mean what she said the day before, it was the grief talking and when Adam told her that he took his job very seriously and would do anything to protect people to his surprise, Annette cleared away her sons memorial and decided then and there to accept his apology of what he had said the day before.

After a press conference with DAC Hobbs, everything was explained properly and Adam was officially then given the Promotion to Chief Superintendent and the new Borough Commander, however when he was informed that he would be transferring to New Scotland Yard with immediate effect, the news upset him in the knowing that he would no longer see his colleagues everyday, however that night when everyone had gone to the pub for a drink, he and Gina spoke about him leaving the following day, about her being in court; Gold said "You'll be back tomorrow" which he replied "Yeah but not as Superintendent"

Feeling the sorrow of not being in charge of Sunhill anymore, Gina told him that she and the rest of the team were planning a surprise party at their local pub and asked Adam to act surprised... at the pub, Adam was surprised and even laughed when DS Phil Hunter handed him a cocktail; when he noticed DC Zain Nadir and DS Phil Hunter "having a conversation about something, Adam walked up to them and asked "Is their a problem?" which the two detectives bravely said "Its for the new boy Sir, you enjoy your party" which immediately afterwards, DCI Jack Meadows made a speech about him "Listen everybody, I would like to make a toast to Adam Okaro, the best Superintendent I've ever had" which he was deeply grateful about and made a speech of how proud he was to be the Superintendent for 4 years and reminisce about his times at Sunhill, he also spoke how he had hard times with the loss of his family which made everyone who didn't know, bow their heads in respect, but all told, it was a great night for a celebration; the following morning, on his first day as the new Borough Commander and Chief Superintendent, Adam discussed with Jack what the day had in store for them both, Jack told his former boss that he was keeping both eyes on the case which Phil and Zain were talking about last night and Adam told about him collecting a few things from his old office upstairs, to New Scotland Yard to his new office and then a lunch with a Parliamentary Select Committee, when Jack made a joke to him "The joys of being Borough Commander" he said with a laugh "Ill let you know" however when he was asked "What do you reckon to Heaton" being John Heaton who was Adams successor who arrived that morning, he told Jack "I would have thought Sunhill could have done with a more experienced person to take the role" and turned to Jack which he smiled in appreciation.

Adam made his final order as the leading officer of Sunhill when he and Meadows walked into the front office and noticed that the ceiling was leaking and said "Oh there is a leak, is someone can someone deal with this" being busy himself, Jack told Adam that he would catch him before he goes to wish him good luck in his new job; back upstairs, Meadows walked into CID and announced that the new Super arrived that morning and asked if everyone could get off to a good start; later that morning when John Heaton arrived to take charge of Sunhill, Sergeants June Ackland and Dale Smith were asked by Adam to give him the "Grand Tour" of the station, however he just wanted to know where the Superintendents Office was; there he met Adam who told his successor that he had planned meetings with partner organizations in the afternoon, but Heaton told the new Commander "Actually Sir, I would really like to get to grips with this place before hooking up with anyone else" and turned to Adam and said "Im sure you understand?" which Okaro accepted with "Of Course"

He and Superintendent Heaton walked into CID where Adam introduced to them their new boss; Heaton then got straight to work by asking everyone whilst holding up the front page from the newspaper of a lad after he had been beaten up "Do we have any idea of who is responsible for attacking this lad?" which DS Hunter said "A young drug dealer by the name of Tom Dwyer Sir" which Heaton nodded his head along with the Ch. Super next to him, however when John told everyone that the team infront of him along with those in uniform were the biggest gang in the borough and it was time that they started throwing their weight around, also informing them that it was their target by catching and arresting Tom Dwyer by the end of the day and also telling them which Adam gave a surprised look "I dont care what you have to do to get him"

Back in the Superintendents Office, John apologized to Jack by saying "Im sorry Jack, I didn't really have time to fill you in on what I was after" and also told him that normally they would have time to talk things through; after Meadows shook hands of welcoming his new boss to Sunhill, Adam picked up his briefcase and gave one final piece of advice to Heaton "Word to the wise, youve got an excellent group of officers out there" but also told him that he quickly learned that the team work better when they follow their own instincts and come up with their own ideas, which Heaton agreed with and told him that he would try not to be too hands on, but most people benefit from a gentle push, which Adam said "Of Course... look its entirely up to you, Im not telling you what to do from here, its just a matter of finding the right moment" shaking the hands of his new Superintendent, Adam replied "Excellent, well... I will leave you to it"

Adam wasn't seen again until a couple of episodes later when he came into the station for something or to talk to officers on a case, however he was asked by Gina Gold to come into her office to talk about something that she had learned one morning in the Superintendents Office, she informed him of a spreadsheet which outlined how much it would be to bring in new younger and more experienced officers; Gina told Adam that if it meant getting rid of PC Tony Stamp and PC Reg Hollis then no way and told him outright "I've had him up to here"

Okaro is seen again when he and the DAC came into Sunhill after reading about a grandmother who had suffered a heart attack inside an unused room where she had been kept prisoner by her own grandson who was a huge drug dealer; Gina Gold was happy to see him, but also asked about his holiday, but informed her that he wouldn't start his time off until he sorted the mess out from the drug bust the day before when an elderly woman suffered a heart attack in an unused room where she was kept prisoner by her grandson; what made it even worse was the fact that Superintendent Heaton gave the "Go Ahead" to Armed Officers (C019) to go into the house which was next door to the drug den; it was reported in the newspaper that the couple who were elderly had been interviewed by every newspaper in the country.

In the Sunhill cafeteria, Adam asked Gina about her and John Heaton getting along, but just the opposite as she told him that she discussed the spreadsheet with the Superintendent, but told Adam that he didn't want to listen to what she had to say; now sensing a tension, he decided to talk to Heaton in his own time; upstairs in the Supt Office, both he and the DAC asked John what he intended to do about the unrest between people and the police, not giving up, Heaton asked Adam and Georgia to put their faith in him, not before Inspector Gold popped her head around the corner of the office telling him that there had been more vandalism on one of the estates; with the DAC and the Borough Commander looking straight at John, he told her to up the patrol; he then asked Adam if he cared to join him on the estate to show him what strategies he has for getting results, which Okaro said "As soon as your ready" - being in the station and listening to Gina, he reminded him that she was a good officer and a high team player and that he should listen more to her for her advice; the day got worse when PC Stamp and PC Kapoor stopped to check on a young girl who was being victimized by a gang of local thugs and said that they had stolen her cat; when Tony saw that the cat was up a tree, he decided to get it back down for her, not before the thugs slashed the tyres on the Sierra 1 car and robbed their registration plates (which they got back in the end from the officers at Barton Street which Stamp wasn't happy with) as Supt Heaton and Ch. Supt Okaro arrived on the scene with PC Yvonne Hemmingway and noticed that the two PCs were jacking the car to fix the tyres, Heaton reminded Tony that he had already made one mistake that day (by answering a text message in the briefing room whilst the Supt was talking) and reminded him not to make a habit of it, it was then that Okaro quietly reminded him to watch himself.

When Beth Adamson, a local nurse at St. Hughes hospital was raped by a local taxi driver; when she agreed to sit in the same room with her rapist to see if he confesses anything whilst being recorded in the next room; when Gina saw John calming her down and getting her prepared for her sitting; back at the station, she then admitted that she was very impressed and told him that she thought he was just a results man; however Heaton reminded her that Beth Adamsons safety was a paramount importance and if he had to introduce a plan to make that work then so be it... it was then that the two began to argue about policy matters which made the Superintendent and the Inspector both laugh at eachother at the fact that they were squabbling like two kids; Gina told him that she even more surprised that she didn't know he had a sense of humor; at that moment, Heaton expressed that he needed someone to keep Sunhill together and that person was her, they then both decided to be more flexible and work together; Gold then told him that the first step would to get him to the Mayors party that night because she knew that Adam and the DAC wanted him there, not before asking her "What about Beth Adamson?" which Gina replied "CAD will keep us informed"

When the two arrived at the town hall, Gina sad "I feel done up like a dogs dinner" which he smiled at knowing that they would have an interesting partnership together; when Adam and Gina saw them both cheers their glasses together, he smiled in the knowledge that they had both sorted things out and could work together; he then brought Gina into the room and complimented her on how she dressed for the evening, he also told her that he noticed her and the Superintendent seemed to be getting along better, which she said "Its amazing what a grieving apology can do" which made Adam laugh at the thought; however when she and Okaro both saw John with the DAC, Gina asked "Is the DAC never off duty?"

Service Record[]

2002: Transferred to Sun Hill, from Croydon

2003: Seconded to Intelligence Unit for publically announcing that drugs should be Decriminalized

2004: Arrested for Possession of Cannabis and Publically Humiliated in the Daily News Newspaper

2005: His wife Denise and his 2x children Malcolm and Leia are Killed in Car Crash

2006: Promotion to Chief Superintendent and Borough Commander, Transferred to New Scotland Yard

Family and Relationships[]


  • Wife: Denise Okaro (dececased)
  • Girlfriend: Gina Gold (1980's)


  • Daughter: Leia Okaro (deceased)
  • Son: Malcolm Okaro (deceased)

Preceded by:
Superintendent Tom Chandler
Succeeded by:
Superintendent John Heaton

Preceded by:
Chief Supt Ian Barratt
Chief Superintendent
Succeeded by:
Commander Lisa Kennedy