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Abigail Nixon
Abigail Nixon

Abbie Nixon
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Abigail Nixon






Female   Female


(in 2009) 22 years old

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Portrayed by:

Georgia Moffett

First Appearance:

Episode 063

Last Appearance:

To Die For

Abigail Nixon is the eldest daughter of Samantha Nixon. She appeared in several episodes of The Bill in 2003-2005. She returned for one episode in 2009 when DI Nixon left Sun Hill.

The Unknown Father Edit

Immediately it appeared that her mother, Acting DI Samantha Nixon would not tell Abigail who her father was. After several blow ups, running away, having a relationship at 15 with Sergeant Matt Boyden and eventually turning to a journalist, it became clear that her father was Iain McCarthy, who was jailed at ten for killing a six year old. Upon leaving jail he changed his name to Glenn Weston and at some point became the boyfriend of Sam Nixon, and they had a child, but Nixon had discovered who he was an ended the relationship, and he did not find out until his daughter was 15.

Kidnapped by Dr. Hugh Wallis Edit

After she turned him down again, DS Samantha Nixon's life was thrown into turmoil when ex lover, profiler Dr. Hugh Wallis abducted Sam's daughter and eventually came clean, as Abigail was trapped in a container. He told Sam You need to know how it feels to hurt. To lose someone you truly care about. Abigail was rescued but there was no evidence on Hugh, and to add insult to injury, he embarked on a relationship with Abigail, and she became pregnant, and they planned to marry. Nixon went too far, abducting Abigail, who had been drugged by Wallis, while DS Phil Hunter distracted the control freak. When cornered by CID and Wallis, Nixon and her daughter rekindled their relationship, and Abigail named Hugh as her abductor.

After Kidnap and Return Edit

It was revealed mid season 21 that Abigail had given birth to a girl named Rose. She made one final appearance in season 25's To Die For to go for a drink with Sam to celebrate her transfer to Child Protection.

Family and Relationships Edit

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